In 2009 Alessia Cipolla, architect and sommelier, created La Costruzione del Gusto an open and multidisciplinary network of professionals who develop projects dedicated to the world of taste, food and hospitality. Initially born within the Archipass Studio, founded in Milan in 2003 by arch. Alessia Cipolla, has grown so much in recent years that she has become independent and set out on new paths.

  • We take care of the project from its conception to its realization.
  • We are architects, engineers, landscape architects, designers, graphic designers and illustrators.
  • We have specific skills in building construction, interior & outdoor design, tableware and food design, graphic design and visual merchandising.
  • An added value? Each of us is also passionate, trained and informed of the world of Taste.
  • We are also sommeliers, oil, salami, cheese, chocolate tasters and food and wine journalists.
  • With this interweaving of skills we can offer a new point of view and an innovative approach in the creation of spaces, objects and graphics for the complex world of food & beverage.
  • Based on the projects and the professionalism to be put in place, the team is extended or simplified. Always working with taste and with taste.

What we do

Architectures for taste

  • Design of cellars, oil mills, dairies.
  • Business museums for companies in the f & b sector.
  • Spaces for tasting food and wine products.
  • Restaurant & bar design.
  • Food & beverage themed hotel.
  • Spaces for conviviality at the table.
  • Temporary set-ups for the world of taste.

Objects for taste

  • Design of personalized dishes.
  • Cutlery projects.
  • Wine design.
  • Oil design.
  • Glass design.
  • Set up of personalized themed tables.
  • Creative projects dedicated to the table.
  • Marketing and communication strategies for taste.
  • Brand identity projects.
  • Labels for wines and typical products.
  • Editorial projects.
  • Small tailor-made f & b events.
  • Exhibitions for the f & b sector.
  • Territorial marketing projects.

Marketing and communication strategies for taste

  • Brand identity projects.
  • Labels for wines and typical products.
  • Editorial projects.
  • Small events f&b tailor-made projects.
  • Exhibitions for the f & b sector.
  • Territorial marketing projects.

Alessia Cipolla
architect and sommelier

"There is nothing immutable except the need to change". Eraclito

Alessia Cipolla studied at the ETH in Zurich and graduated in Architecture at the University of Architecture in Venice. In 2003 she founded Studio Archipass in Milan, realizing residential and office projects.

In 2009 she created La Construction of Taste, an open and multidisciplinary network of professionals who develop projects dedicated to the world of Taste and Table. Her passion for architecture and gastronomy were intertwined in unexpected and fascinating forms and then, today, welded together definitively. Founding La Costruzioni del Gusto and making it grow was the binder that allowed her to combine these two aspects.

For more than 25 years she has been interested in everything that happens on the Table but also around the Table. The passion for gastronomic culture and its history as well as for the design of the table have allowed her to have a privileged point of view on the world of Taste, suspended between architecture, design and gastronomy.

In 2015 she published the book “Il Progetto della Tavola. Building the space of conviviality” edited by Franco Angeli, with an innovative approach to the theme of setting up the table as a whole of design and architectural composition.

She participates as a juror in various haute cuisine competitions and designs the tray for the Italy team of Bocuse D’Or Europa 2015 and for the Bocuse d’Or Italia 2017 selection.

She teaches Food Design in the Master of Food Design of the Polytechnic School of Design in Milan and in the Master of Higher Education of Horeca Design of the Polytechnic of Milan. She teaches Art de la Table and design of the restaurant within the restaurant management masters of the international school of Italian cuisine Alma in Colorno and at the IATH in Cernobbio.

She is a visiting professor at the Mercatorum University and holds his own course in Planning and Gastronomics in the Faculty of Economics (Degree Course in Gastronomy, Hospitality and Territories).

She has written for magazines in the f & b sector since 2008 on topics such as architecture and wine, food design, wine design, hotel restaurant and wine tourism: among others he writes for,, and Vitae (official AIS magazine) . As a kitchen design expert, she wrote as editor for Progetto Cucina magazine. She has collaborated with Officelayout, the office sector magazine, De Vinis and Sala & Cucina.

Alessia Cipolla Architetto e Sommelier

Work team

The Construction of Taste is a group made up of:

  • Arch. Alessia Cipolla
  • Arch. Stefano Rigoni
  • Arch. Sara Pivetta
  • Arch. Alberto Pancotti
  • Designer Mauro Olivieri
  • Graphic Designer Simonluca Spadanuda
  • Web Designer Christian Conte
  • Esperta Seo Laura Norese

Past collaborations

  • Photographer Michelangelo Agostinetto
  • Grafic Designer Antonella Provasi
  • Architect Miloni Patel
  • Architect Min Kyung Kim
  • Architect Kubra Araz
  • Designer Juan Menedez
  • Designer Jin Jin Ren
  • Designer Chen Ting
  • Designer Tzyun Huang
  • Interior Designer Cheng Lao Ping
  • Interior Designer Lian Wan Chung
  • Interior Designer Kulkarni Sumit Vinod
  • Interior Designer Smidi Litwa Hhalil