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Bocus D'Or
Tray (plateau) 2017 and 2014

Alba - Italy | Stockholm - Sweden

Paul Bocuse, one of the greatest chefs of the twentieth century, established the “Bocuse d’Or” in 1987, the most prestigious international haute cuisine competition: each nation presents its own chef who must create dishes that represent the gastronomic heritage of their own country following a very strict disciplinary, in just 5 h 35 min in front of the public and a jury made up of the greatest chefs in the world.

Each chef must present his creations on a plateau, made following specific techniques regarding the material, weight and size, and perfectly composed dishes.

For the Bocuse d’Or the chef, his team and the designer work together interpreting each other’s thoughts: the designer is required to know the competition, the history of international cuisine and haute cuisine techniques with the aim to enhance the presentation of the chef’s creative work.

Tray (plateau) Bocuse d’Or IT 2017

Chef Paolo Griffa 

Alba (CN)

The team of La Costruzione del Gusto took care of the design of the tray taking into account the dimensions, shapes and quantities of the gastronomic objects cooked by the chef and the technical difficulties of construction. He then designed the composition of the dishes from a spatial, formal and chromatic point of view.

The 2017 tray project for chef Paolo Griffa for the Italian selection of Bocuse d’Or takes inspiration from the Piedmontese landscape with level variations, hills, hollows, reproduced by the various aluminum levels that best present the chef’s kitchen project Griffa and his team.

ph photo showcase Lido Vannucchi

Tray (plateau) Bocuse d’Or EU 2014 

Chef Diego Rigotti 


This tray project, linked to the kitchen idea of ​​the chef representing Italy at the Bocuse d’Or Europe 2014 competition, was conceived as the development of a corolla of a flower with petals arranged in a radial pattern on various heights and from different dimensions suitable to present and contain the garnitures and the main piece designed by the chef’s team.