Food&Beverage Architecture - Projects

Bellini Canella
Business Museum

San Donà di Piave (VE)

The business museums of the f&b sector exhibit the history of a company through its protagonists and its memories: they are a valid way to introduce the heritage of an economic and historical activity to tourists, enthusiasts or simply curious. The atelier (or museum) of Canella s.p.a is part of “Piave Heritage”, a network of small museums of 4 historic F&B companies in the Piave area, in eastern Veneto.

The space, inside the historic headquarters of the company in San Donà di Piave, is divided into 2 parts, the bar area with an original early 1900s counter useful for preparing cocktails for tastings and the exhibition hall.

As evidence of the bond between the Canella family and the Venice Film Festival, many shots of actors from the past who made the history of Italian cinema were exhibited, captured at the table during convivial moments with the Canella wines clearly visible and, on the frame in top of the bar area, a series of images of actors with a glass of Bellini, mounted inside frames of photographic film.

The same graphics were used in the exhibition room for the chronological assembly of the Canella wine labels from the 1940s to today. There is also a “projection room” with a 16 mm projector from which old advertising films are projected on the walls.

The museum, set-up and graphic project was created by the team of La Costruction del Gusto.

ph Arcangelo Piai