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Sandre Winery
Business atelier museum

Salgareda (TV) - Italy

The small business atelier (museum) of the Cantina Sandre farm in Salgareda (TV) tells the story of the Sandre family. In a space of the cellar are exhibited the documented, the historical agricultural and everyday tools used in the company since the early 1900s. The Sandre museum is part of “Piave Heritage” a network of small museums of historic F&B companies in the Piave area, in eastern Veneto.

How to introduce the new generations to the ancient use of these objects? The multidisciplinary team of La Costruzione del Gusto created some “cartoon” style illustrations such as that of a man using the backpack sprayer pump, a cooper, a young woman harvesting and many animals that actively participated in life. in the farmyard: the visitor, taking a step back from the use of technology, has the opportunity to see and hear the description of distant worlds, leaving room for the imagination.

At the top, next to the company logo, the grandparents and the new generations Sandre were portrayed facing the windows to testify the passage between the past and the future, a tribute from the design team to the owners.

The Costruzione del Gusto has conceived and implemented the museum, set-up and graphics project with original hand-made and printed illustrations. In the museum access area, a plan of the company was created with the vineyards around the farmhouse and a photographic study carried out by the photographer Arcangelo Piai on the phenological phases of the vines present in the company.

Project and art direction arch. Alessia Cipolla, graphics Simonluca Spadanuda.

ph Arcangelo Piai