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Don Orione Milan kitchen
Industrial kitchen


A new industrial kitchen for the Don Orione Center in Milan, better known as the Piccolo Cottolengo Don Orione, founded by the Piedmontese priest Don Luigi Orione. It is a kitchen that is always active. It prepares 1000 meals a day, for patients and religious, and around 10 employees work there: it was a complex project made up of large machinery, food flows, different processing phases and ergonomics.

Inside, organization is everything: in this kitchen the main attention was not only given to the “forward food”, that is to the cooking path of raw and cooked food, but also to the setting of the work of the whole brigade where each employee, like any large machine, has a specific and well-defined position. The meal service is done thanks to thermal trolleys that have entered the layout project

A project in common by Studio Archipass / La Costruzione del Gusto and PRR architects. The La Costruction del Gusto team designed the layout and the general organization of the kitchen.