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Azienda Giacomo Alessi
Shop windows La Rinascente

Milan and Rome

Inside the La Rinascente Store in Milan and Rome, La Costruzione del Gusto has designed an exhibition dedicated to the Sicilian tradition of unique pieces by the ceramic artist Giacomo Alessi from Caltagirone, objects rich in history but also suitable for contemporary environments.

The scenography chosen as the frame for the windows of the Milan store was that of an imaginary Sicilian baglio, a sort of fortified farm with a large courtyard, typical architecture with an ancient flavor and scent.

The “Teste di Moro” present the “balconies” of the beam as per tradition with their elegance and power. In the “courtyard” handcrafted centerpieces, auspicious Sicilian pine cones and plates full of Mediterranean light, were arranged on dark cubes at different heights that make up a perspective scenario inside the display case.

The project of the window of La Rinascente in Rome was instead inspired by the version of the legend of Lisabetta da Messina of Giovanni Boccaccio’s Decameron, according to which the girl in love placed a basil bud (from the Greek basilikos , whose adjective basileus means “royal”) which grew luxuriantly, as watered by his bitter-sweet tears.

The basil leaves thus become the pattern that covers the 3 walls of the showcase. On one of these there is part of the original text of Lisabetta’s story. In the setting, the Heads and the objects for the table are placed on simple clear cubes at different heights in a light and perspective composition.

The team of La Costruzione del Gusto realized the set-up project, the graphic and visual design.