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Hotel Le Divine
Hotel The Breathing Forest


Hotel Le Divine is a new concept hotel: a welcome interlude where food, wine, music and art come together. The lifestyle linked to food and wine and classical music are two themes that meet perfectly and facilitate sociability: combining them can result in a sublime experience of pleasure that favors welcome and hospitality.

Hotel Le Divine is a hotel with a vintage flavor but attentive to the contemporary way of traveling: a theater of the “taste” imagination to the sound of music. Maria Callas and her charm are the red thread that describes the setting of the project and the atmosphere of the spaces. In the Callas room, the space welcomes the customer in a harmonious and familiar but also sumptuous and warm environment where they can rediscover the pleasure of art and the value of hospitality.

The Breathing Forest is a hotel suitable for travelers who love nature and the outdoors and dedicated to those who are inspired by nature as a lifestyle. Ideally, crossing a forest breathing deeply is not just a physical activity, but a pleasure and a way of being and feeling.

The rooms are designed to give an experience deeply linked to the nature of the surrounding mountains but also to sensitize tourists to the issue of sustainability in hospitality projects. The room is bright, spacious, simple in the furnishings but full of details that tell a life within nature: eco materials, treated with finishes that express natural textures, colors and accessories that suggest an idea of ​​the forest but also of undergrowth.

The moodboard is a communication product that describes the concept through a composition of images: it represents an effective means of displaying the contents that define the visual voice, personality, style and aesthetics of any space or product by analyzing tastes and company trends to create more and more interesting products.

The concept project and the moodboard of the two hotels were created by the team of La Costruction del Gusto.