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Sommelier Lounge AIS
Menu in history

Vinitaly Verona

Vinitaly represents an unmissable event for professionals and wine lovers from all over the world. Inside, for 10 years, the Italian Sommelier Association has dedicated a lounge space to its national members, located on the first floor of pavilion 10, created for meetings between members, AIS events, as well as to rest from the noise of the fair.

La Costruzione del Gusto proposes a different theme every year, always referable to the culture of wine and the table.

In 2017, an exhibition entitled “Menus in history” was organized inside the Sommelier Lounge. The menu encompasses many worlds: that of the kitchen if understood as a sequence of courses, and that of table service, if understood as the cardboard on which it is printed.

The small temporary exhibition shows about 80 pieces from a large private collection, including Italian and French historical menus from 1800 to the post-war period, of the Savoy and other royal families, but also of people far from the glories of history.

The layout and graphic design was designed by the team of La Costruzione del Gusto.