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Sommelier Lounge AIS
Paesaggi Gustativi

Vinitaly Verona

For 10 years, the Italian Sommelier Association has dedicated the Sommelier Lounge to its members, a space on the first floor of Hall 10, created for meetings between members, AIS events, as well as to rest from the noise of the fair.

Every year La Costruzione del Gusto proposes a new topic, a creative way of thinking about the world of wine.

In 2019 the project entitled “Gustative Landscapes” was carried out with the collage of two large walls, composed of 70 of the most fascinating paintings in the history of European art of the 17th and 18th centuries: the paintings were reassembled into a single work of art thanks to the skilful and meticulous combination of some details of the masterpieces. An interesting game of elements creates a space where exotic animals, magnificent still lifes, enchanting landscapes, typical of the period, of a pastoral and pastoral life animate the two walls.

The exhibition design and the historical-artistic research with the selection of the works is by architect Alessia Cipolla while the graphic design is by Simonluca Spadanuda. The supervision of the installation was carried out by the team of La Costructione del Gusto.