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Sommelier Lounge AIS

Vinitaly Verona

For its first 50 years of AIS history, the Italian Sommelier Association has created a new booth at Vinitaly 2015 and a particular project for the Sommelier Lounge, the space on the first floor of pavilion 10 that since 2011 has been dedicating to its associates, conceived always by the team of La Costruction del Gusto who designed the set-up and graphic design project.

“Sparkling!” is the Lounge project, created around the theme of sparkling wine and its perlage, an emblem of celebration and festivities in general. From the set-up to the furnishings, everything recalls the shape of “bubbles”, the main feature of sparkling wines: the seats, the piece of furniture made up of tubes of different sizes glued together and the spheres for lighting the room.

A video entitled “Flying among the bubbles” was projected on the walls with the art direction of arch. Alessia Cipolla and directed by Simone Savoia: a camera enters the glass of freshly poured sparkling wine to immerse visitors in the fascinating world of bubbles.

The team of La Costruzione del Gusto conceived and carried out the interior design, set-up and graphics project.