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Sommelier Lounge AIS
The colors and the scents of wine

Verona Vinitaly

For the Sommelier Lounge Ais of Vinitaly 2014, La Costruzione del Gusto has created the setting “The colors of wine” with a new interpretation of the shades of red wine (purple red, ruby ​​red, garnet red, orange red) but also pink soft, cherry pink and claret, using feminine make-up such as lipsticks, nail polishes and eye shadow palettes. Within the space, a three-meter white canvas was made available to members where, using acrylic colors according to the various shades of red wine, they could express their creativity throughout the event.

In 2013, in the AIS Sommelier Lounge, La Costruzione del Gusto created the installation “The scents of wine” where, thanks to the composition of a multisensory journey, the scents of wine were made physical. On a small mound of earth in the center of the room, flowers and bulbs were placed inside tasting glasses and a path of fresh aromatic herbs but also spices, chocolate and different flavored candies was created. to the aromas that the wine releases as primary, secondary and tertiary aromas.