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Wine Bar
Tuscan Style


Wine drinkers are divided into two categories: the vicious who serve wine as a sentence and the connoisseurs for whom wine is poetry and even prayer.” – Gianni Brera from the book L’Arcimatto

This is the phrase that inspired Tuscan Style, a format rooted in the food and wine culture and in the Tuscan agricultural landscape, declined in the furnishings and in the design of the table, designed to create community and conviviality. The walls and ceiling of the rooms are covered with a pattern made up of the slats of the barrels, an element that strongly characterizes the space.

In the tasting room, the lamp above the table is inspired by the processing of wine barrels. The graphics of the tableware refer to the iconic element of the Tuscan landscape, the cypress.

The team of La Costruzione del Gusto took care of the interior design, set-up, graphic and visual design project.