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The Project Of The Table
Building the space of conviviality

Franco Angeli Publisher

Inviting someone to our table means taking charge of his happiness during the hours he spends under our roof.

Anthelme Brillas-Savarin

“The Project of the Table. Building the space of conviviality ”is a book written by arch. Alessia Cipolla and published by Franco Angeli: it is an architecture manual of the table, intended as a real spatial composition and the result of a combination of shapes, colors, materials. The approach to the theme is innovative as the text analyzes the table setting as a set of cultures, sociology, design and architectural composition.

The table is a cultural, psychological and social space: it is both individual and collective memory. It is not just decoration or “bon ton” but an interesting hub, a crossroads of memories, communities, flavors and territories to arrive at and from which to start again, enriched by new shared emotions. At the table you learn to live in a group, to travel, to take care of others, and to become culture without forgetting about pleasure.

For this project, the architect. Alessia Cipolla and La Costruzione del Gusto created the editorial project, the cover graphics, the texts, the original illustrations and the layout of the book.