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Amaro Nostrano
Brand Identity


The lagoon, its reflections, the scent of salt and the lapping of the water: the graphic project by Amaro Nostrano wants to express precisely these sensations. It is a tribute to the beauty of Venice and its Lagoon.

The Amaro Nostrano label

A pleasant and slow trip to the lagoon, this is the concept of the label. Amaro Nostrano, the Venetian liqueur, interprets a deeply lagoon lifestyle that tells, in a graphic snapshot, the lagoon with its slow times dictated by the wind on a full sun day on a boat with the sail at the third set.

There is a whole life, very rich, above and below its waters, between the sand, the salt marshes, the typical emerged lands and the bacàn, strips of sandy land, near the Mouths of Porto, which emerge during low tide. Fish, shells and animals tell of mysterious but full of life depths. There are also many stories on the surface, where different horizontal and vertical landscapes intertwine with art and architecture.

The Amaro Nostrano logo

A typical Venetian boat with the sail to the third, this is the image created for the Amaro Nostrano logo.

The Venice lagoon, in order to be navigated, needs typical flat-bottomed boats that have crossed its navigable canals and shoals for centuries. The historical sails are third as the boat represented on the Amaro Nostrano label and as the logo of the company that owns the Amaro Nostrano brand: this particular sail represents an ancient tradition dating back to the times of the Serenissima, with the sail having a typical trapezoidal shape , where the upper antenna supporting the sail is fixed to the mast at about one third of its length.

For this project, La Costruzione del Gusto created the original texts and illustrations, adapted the typical font of the Venetian calli for the logo and laid out a series of outputs, including the label and the external packaging, as well as promotional material such as postcards in 10 x 15 cm format and a three-door leaflet.

Project and artistic direction arch. Alessia Cipolla, graphics and illustrations by Simonluca Spadanuda.