Food&Beverage Communication - Projects

Az. Ag. Silva Plantarium
Brand Identity

Cilento - Italy

Each wine expresses a soul that belongs to its land and to the man who gives it birth. For the company ag. Silva Plantarium La Costruzione del Gusto has carried out a project to renew the corporate identity: the two wines, the white Kamaraton and the red Buxento, have been baptized and the coordinated image of the company has been created. The image on the wine labels is the Mother Earth, a woman lying and waiting for her children, an image designed to celebrate the beauty of the pristine Cilento landscape and the natural vision of the owner of Silva Plantarium.

For this project La Costruzione del Gusto created the original texts and illustrations, the logo and paginated a series of outputs, including the label and packaging, as well as promotional material such as postcards in 10 x 15 cm format and a leaflet with two doors.